Resume Contact Information

What is the proper way to arrange your resume contact information? Your resume contact information and how you display it seems like something very simple. The reality is I have seen many resumes where because of the heading and contact information I have chosen not to contact the applicant. The job search is not just about having the right skills for the job but presenting those skills in a way that potential employers want to call you. In this article we will cover the proper way to arrange your resume contact information. We will go into the proper type and form of your name. We will al...

Resume Tips

Tips for Creating a Resume
Writing your resume is going to be the very first impression any employer will have of you. You need to get it right. These resumes tips will help you do that. You want to give them enough relevant information so they see that you are qualified for the position but do it quickly enough that they don't get bored and move on to the next candidate. That is why you should think of your resume as your 30 second commercial on why an employer wants to hire you. Or at the very least want to bring you in for an interview. Resume Writing TipsĀ Is this the first time you have written a resume or it has...