Get Paid to Read Mail

Get paid to read mail
All envelope stuffing and direct mail program (s) are scams. You will NEVER get paid to read mail. Of all the millions of people that have been made suckers from this is just maddening. I have not run across a legitimate envelope stuffing opportunity. Anyone who tells you differently is a complete and absolute liar. Let's apply a little common sense to the get paid to read mail concept. What company would pay $1 to $10 for every envelope stuffed when there are machines that will stuff them for about 1 cent each? That is why any direct mail program is a scam. I can have a mailing campaign of...

Reading Email to Make Money

Paid to Read Email Scam
"Paid to Read Emails" (PTR) scam or pyramid scheme? Can reading email to make money be real? How much money can someone make reading email? There are literally thousands of programs for reading email to make money online. As with any other business opportunities on the internet, some are legitimate while others are nothing more than scams. The difference with "Paid to Read Emails" programs is they are free to join and you are not aware they are a scam until it is time to cash out or request your payment. Once you do request you either not paid or your account is terminated. Some "Paid to Re...