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Believe it or not there are tons of places to find classified ads online besides Monster or Hot Jobs. To be perfectly honest I think both of them really stink. For the most part unless you are looking for sales, business opportunities, customer service or full commission employment they aren’t really that impressive for job postings anymore. Snagajob - Need More Money?I also noticed the trend last time I posted my resume on Monster that all of a sudden I started to get phone calls from people wanting to sell me job search related services. Here are some places to find classified ads online that you may find more useful.

This site is great to find online classified ads for hourly and part time employment, Not everyone whether for good or bad reasons is looking or needs to be working full time. Whether you are a stay at home mom or student who is looking for some extra money or someone who’s employable skill set is geared towards hourly work, Snagajob is a good site for you. Just put in your zip code and you will be finding part time or hourly jobs in a flash. Get started here by clicking here

There are also many trade and skill specific job boards out there too. A great example of that would be a that is meant for IT professionals or that specializes in jobs for the sales professional.

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