Networking Tips

Most people find new jobs through networking. Does that mean it is a complete waste of time to pursue any other activities? Of course not. There is no perfect one way for finding the best job for you during your career. During your job search it’s best to use as many different strategies as possible.

To start networking to find a job you need to start speaking with real people. That is ultimately what networking means, talking to people, sharing your career goals, asking for their assistance, and seeking advice. By doing these very simple things you are now effectively building your professional network.

To network effectively you need to expand your activities beyond a business setting. Networking can be a conversation at a sporting event or a brief chat with a friend. The reason it is so important to expand your network while looking for a job is that you never know who other people know.

Networking doesn’t mean telling thousands of people you need a job. While expanding your network be specific on what the person you are speaking with can help you with during your job search. Saying, ” I’m looking for a job; do you know anybody that is hiring?” usually does not lead to a productive conversation. You should spend some time telling your possible networking contact about yourself and what you may be looking for in your next career move. I also find to network effectively it is helpful to ask your peers for job search advice, suggestions and referrals.

Another way to network effectively is to ask for feedback on your resume. You will see that most people are very happy to give advice.It makes people feel good and special that you regard them so highly that you value their input on your resume. You will see that after a period of time you will build this very large network effectively of people that are very familiar with your qualifications. Avery simple networking tactic like this can lead to many pen job leads and career opportunities.

I have used this networking tactic very effectively in my own career and seen great results. During my last job search I would continually ask people I knew in leadership positions to review my resume and solicit feedback from them. When they where giving that feedback and asking for clarification on certain points of my resume, whether they knew it our not they where interviewing me. This proved to be a very effective networking strategy that lead to many job interviews an ultimately offers.

Networking effectively should be an important part to every job search. To network effectively you need to speak with people and pursue opportunities. You will see that if you put in the time and effort to learn and network effectively you will see returns on that investment that will pay off for years down the road. in your career.

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