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Just getting started on your job search is often the toughest part. Most people don’t know how to get started other than to start looking at ads of open positions in the newspaper or online. They put together their resume, maybe a cover letter and start applying to the positions that are posted. They email, fax, mail hundreds of companies and never hear back. What happened? I will tell you what happened…poor planning.

How to Start Your Job SearchWith these job search tips you will learn the careful thought and planning needed to make your job search as effective and short as possible. Because it is not about just getting a job but a job that can support you and that will fulfill both your professional and personal needs.

What Career is Right for Me? Most people never ask themselves that question because they feel it is a luxury. All they care about is getting the job. I completely disagree. It is probably the most important question you should ask. Not just for you but your family and believe it or not your employer. If you are in a position that is a “good fit” you will do the job better and be happier. If you are in a job that is not a “good fit” you will not be as productive and it will negatively effect everyone around you.

How to Read Classified Ads “No experience necessary just a great attitude.”, “Unlimited earning potential”, “Manager Trainee positions available”. Do any of those sound familiar? What do they really mean? Learn what potential employers are really saying in their job postings.

Networking Tips 80% of all open positions are never posted to the general public. Let me say that again. 80% of all open position millions of qualified applicants will never know about. What???!!!!! So how do you find those jobs? The answer to that is; Who do you know? Networking is the most powerful but under used job hunting resource to find open positions.

Using these and other helpful job search tips on this website should help you get the job you want and deserve.


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