How to Avoid Online Scams

I’ve fallen for every scam and get rich quick scheme out there when it come to finding legitimate work from home opportunities. That is why I am uniquely qualified to speak about the topic of how to avoid online scams.

You probably have fallen for a scam, multiple scams, or at the very least you are trying to avoid falling for one. That is why you are reading this. Hopefully by me sharing my experiences with scams you won’t fall for the same ones I have. Learn from my mistakes. Learn how to avoid online scams.

How to Get Paid Taking Surveys I’ve paid the $39.95 for the list of 400 “pre-qualified paying” online marketing companies that promise you will make $75 for a fifteen minute focus group. For some reason I never qualified for the paid surveys. I joined the 400 panels finding maybe five that actually paid. Coincidentally around the same time I started to receive countless amounts of spam email.

How to Avoid Online ScamsHome Assembly Jobs Sent in the $49.95 to receive a shoddy product with lousy directions that never passed their buy back quality standards. If they did, one would have to work 50 hours to make $200 on a good week. Financial freedom that is not and definitely nothing I would want to build my work from home empire from. There are legitimate opportunities building products from home but most are scams.

Get Paid to Read Mail I paid the $19.95 to receive my “starter kit” to start working from home stuffing envelopes. I discover that the “starter kit” consisted of a letter having you send in $1 for information. “If every person that you send it to sends you a dollar you will be a millionaire!” It would be great if it was that easy. That is not a legitimate way to work from home to make money, it is called a chain letter.

Reading Email to Make Money I spent 2 hours every day clicking on emails and referring people to the programs to get to that $20 payout after 6 months. I would then hit the redeem button and never hear or see anything about that twenty dollars I clicked away for.

Pyramid Schemes and Multilevel Marketing Those experiences and stories are to depressing to even discuss as part of my journey. Was I selling a product or just getting people as gullible as I was to pay the membership fee?

Am I a complete moron? Possibly, dependent on whom you ask. Like so many other people (you may be included) with the desire to find financial independence and stability, I hoped for the best. And that is what scammers prey upon. And why it is so important to learn how to avoid online scams.

That is why I started this site. To give real honest information and not just tell people what they want to hear to get my $2 referral fee.

“Why should I believe you?” You are probably asking yourself right now. You should be. I can’t make any guarantees but I’m also not asking you for any money. At the very least I hope my experiences and stories will help people leave this site with useful information and knowing how to avoid online scams. These pages are here in the hopes that maybe with information you will not make the same mistakes I have. Your greatest defense against these scams is information.

Best of luck to you.


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