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Welcome to JPC Services Inc., your one stop resource to gaining financial freedom & security for you and your loved ones since 2003.

I started this website over 10 years ago when I was a career counselor helping low income populations find gainful employment. Unfortunately, many of the people I was working with had no idea how to use a computer or the internet. In its humblest of beginnings this site was started as a teaching tool. I would post resume and cover letter templates on the website. I would ask the people I was counseling to get the templates themselves from the. This led me to post other things on the site to help with their job searching like tips on how to dress for an interview or common interview questions that they would normally get on a piece of paper handed to them. This gave them experience using the computer as well as learning how to find and navigate a website.

Gaining Financial Freedom & SecurityOne thing that I observed first hand is people who are having a hard time getting a job and putting food on the table often become desperate, making them a ripe target for get rich quick programs and out right scams. This is what led to the next phase of this website, finding and evaluating legitimate work from home opportunities. 10 years ago there was not a lot of information on the web about what to watch out for just the actual scams. This site was an attempt to fill that void at the time.

There are two questions a lot of people are asking right now in these interesting economic times, “How do I find a job? ” and “How can I make some money with no money? “All the advice and articles here are free. We never ask you for any personal information.

Please enjoy and use this site to its fullest extent so you don’t make some of the same mistakes that I have made in both finding gainful employment, keeping a job, and starting my own business online. My goal is to help people to hold onto to their money they have worked so hard to earn but also to help put more in their pocket.

Every one of the ways to make money online that I recommend I have done myself for years. Plus an overwhelming majority of these legitimate work from home opportunities are ways to make money with no money of your own. That doesn’t mean you do not have to work but it does mean no start up costs.

The internet is a great resource, use it wisely on your journey to gaining financial freedom & security. Good Luck! Feel free to contact me at with your questions.

2 thoughts on “Gaining Financial Freedom & Security

  1. Amy Schmidgall says:

    I am really interested in a work from home job. I would like to do customer service call center, if you have an opening I would love to apply for it. Thank you Amy

  2. nancy wurl says:

    Trying to find work at home opportunity – no fees involved. Can type – research – do mailings – build cd cases, etc….. please find me a job where I can earn extra money asap.

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