Following Up After an Interview

A key component of an effective job search is following up after an interview. I can not believe how many job seekers either do not know they should follow up or are afraid to do so. Most job seekers will never really know how many opportunities they have missed for the only reason of not dropping a thank you letter in the mail or sending a quick email to say “thanks.”

following up after an interviewThere has been times in my professional career that I was having a tough time picking between two highly qualified candidates for a single open position. You know who I hired? The candidate that sent me a thank you letter or email. That investment of under a minute following up after an interview got that person a job.

Following up after an interview does not have to be anything fancy. It is simply showing your potential employer that you appreciated their time and have interest in working there. If you were that person interviewing possibly hundreds of candidates trying to find the right fit for your company, wouldn’t a nice note from someone saying, “I appreciated you taking the time with me.” go a long way? You bet it would.

Another common issue I hear is that job seekers are afraid to make a follow up call. They usually say something like “The job interview went great and they said they would call me on Wednesday. It is now Friday. Should I call?” Absolutely! People get busy. Plus, you are probably one of the dozens of people that they have interviewed that week if not that day. Applications get lost and good candidates accidentally get put at the bottom of a pile. There is nothing wrong with a quick call following up after an interview.

Check out the “After the Interview” section of this website. We cover the standard follow up challenges from properly following up, thank you letter examples, and even negotiating salary.


2 thoughts on “Following Up After an Interview

  1. Despite all the well-intended advice out there about following up after your interview some telling you that being aggressive is showing your interest that call to the employer asking where things stand is not always appreciated. Especially if you re trying to make them respond to YOUR time schedule.

    1. Dave says:

      Hi Enettechna.Science. Thanks for the comment.

      I would disagree somewhat. Being too aggressive and professional follow up are two completely different things. If you are hounding a prospective employer and hurrying them to make a decision, that probably is going to hurt your chances. If you are following up a few days later to stay on their radar screen and keeping your resume at the top of their pile you are probably helping yourself.

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