Are People Really that Stupid?

Yes they are.

We have all read the email from some widow or bank official from some country who needs your help to claim the millions of dollars of an inheritance. All they need from you is a few dollars and your social security number. Once they get the money, they will give you a few million dollars for your trouble.

Usually these emails have tons of spelling and grammar errors along with being from some type of free email service.

Most of us say to ourselves “Who is dumb enough to fall for this?” That is what these scammers are betting on. They reason these emails are kept so obvious is because only a complete idiot would fall for them. If someone does reply, they are an easy mark and will quickly be separated from their money.


Stay Focused

If you really think how much time is wasted doing things that don’t help you achieve your goals, it is depressing.

At the start of every day take10 minutes to really think about what you want to accomplish for that day. Make a point not to look at Facebook, Twitter or whatever “time suck” until you complete that list. There will be two things that you will notice pretty quickly. The first will be how much of your day is taken up with things that completely don’t matter. The second is how your productivity begins to go through the roof.

I know it sounds extremely simple but so few actually do it. Give it a try.

Preparation on the Day of the Job Interview

You have worked hard for it and it is here, the day of the interview. Now what? A job interview is one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in.  But is you are prepared you will do great. Here are some tips to get yourself ready for success on the day of your interview.

Good excuses for being late to a job interview?1) Has a day planner or electronic organizer; it shows that you are organized.

2) Prepare a manila folder to bring to the meeting. Include in the folder

a. Company information (annual reports, sales material, Information pulled from the internet, etc.)

b. Extra resumes (at least 6) and any letters of reference you may have.

c. At least 7 well thought out questions for your interviewer

d. A blank legal pad and pen

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More About Fake Check Scams

Does someone want to pay you by a check and wire some of the money back to them? It’s a scam that could cost you thousands of dollars.

There are many variations to fake check scams and there seems to be new ones almost every day. The scam starts with a person offering to:

  • Buy something that you have put up for sale
  • A form of payment for working from home
  • An advance from a contest you one
  • The first installment of millions of dollars you’re going to receive for transferring money from a foreign country.

The standard claim from the person operating this scam is that they are in a different country and it is too difficult to pay you directly, so they will have someone who owes them money in your country send you a check.

The amount of the check you will receive will be greater than what is owed you. You will be instructed to deposit the check in your bank account and then wirer the overpayment to the scammer.  Another variation is that you need to pay a “fee” to get millions of dollars from a lottery you won in another country. There are other examples when the scammer offers to deposit the money directly into your bank account. You give them all of your account information for an electronic fund transfer. Instead of them electronically transferring the funds the scammer sends your bank a phony check to be deposited into your account, when you check your account balance it looks like the money has been electronically deposited.

However they trick you into transferring the money, the result is always the same, the check bounces and you are left owing the bank a lot of money. You also just committed a very serious crime.

You may be thinking to yourself “If the check turns out to be a fake, isn’t that the bank’s problem?” No it’s not. It’s your problem. You are the only one responsible for the checks you deposit into your account. When a check bounce, you owe the bank the money you withdrew. The bank can take from any other accounts you have with them our even take legal action against you to get the money back.

There is no legitimate reason for someone to give you money and then ask for you to send them a money order bank. That is a big red flag that it’s a scam. If you are selling something online as for a money order for the exact amount or you can use a service like Paypal.


I think the term “anarchism” has a branding problem. How about the term “decentralization of decision making”?

I’ve been reading a lot about the topic lately and to my surprise found myself agreeing with many of the concepts.The reason I say “to my surprise” is because my whole life has been based around hierarchies. Plus I have thrived in them.

One of the concepts that I am working through right now is the idea that when people are given the responsibility to make decisions in a collective way and ultimately need to live with that decision, the result will be better than if the decision was made by some type of centralized authority. Plus the decision that is made will have overwhelming support because everyone participated in the decision making process.Who is better to know the best response and all the ramifications of that response to a situation than the person directly dealing with situation?

I agree with this completely.

This leads me to a question that I personally can not answer. Do people really want to participate in the decisions when given the opportunity?

What’s Your Passion? Could it be a Career?

Today’s one of those days that has really been a challenge to get things done. That type of day were every task feels like a chore. Every person that I encountered for the most part was annoying to me. Luckily for me, these types of days are few and far between. But it led me to do some research into “Finding Your Passion.”

To be perfectly honest I have no idea what my “passion” is.  What I did learn today is the internet is a really horrible place to try to find it.

I have things that I am passionate about but I wouldn’t call them my “passion”. I will passionately argue politics with anyone that is willing to engage me but I am not going to quit my day job to be the next great political commentator. I am passionate about making sure that my son washes his hands before he eats and after he uses the bathroom. I really don’t know what I would do with that.

But as I thought about discovering my “passion” and turning into a career a quote came to mind “Wherever you go, there you are.”

Any career is only as fulfilling as you are willing to make it. We all have bad days at work. That is just part of being human. But overall, do you bring your “A” game when you come into the office? People who can honestly say “yes” to that question are probably very happy with what they do for a living.

The key to that answer is “honestly.” There are people that I work with that would say they bring their “A” game every day but for the most part stare at the clock. Or every time they are asked to do something that is a little bit more than their job description or out of their comfort zone, do it but begrudgingly.

The bottom line, it is easy to be unhappy with your career, hop on the internet and do searches for “how to find your passion.” But what are you bringing to your day? Put in some real effort and see what happens.

Disadvantages of Starting Your Legitimate Home Based Business from Scratch

People love to talk about the advantages of having there very own home based business they start from scratch. The freedom. The ability to do what they love. Oh, don’t forget the tons of money they are making. But the reality is that is a very small minority of the people that actually attempt to start there very own legitimate home based business from scratch.

There are many disadvantages of starting your own business completely on your own that many people don’t even realize. Here are some disadvantages of starting your legitimate home based business from scratch.

Waitress Resume Example

Waitressing is a great way to make money for many people. If you work at the right place you can definitely make a good living. In the past you very rarely needed a resume to apply for a waitress position. But that is starting to change with the large amount of restaurant chains. Here are two examples of resume formats that are great for applying to a waitress position.

Waitress Resume Example. This is a standard chronologically ordered resume.

Functional Waitress Resume Example. This is a resume format where you focus much more on you actual skills than your work history.